Best Inground Pool Ideas

Best Inground Pool Ideas

Types of DIY inground pools

DIY inground pools look amazing by any house and provide your family and friends with a load of summer fun. However, their installation is not the easiest task ever. Professional skills and installation experience is required to do that. Moreover, as above ground water features are less popular, but so much easier to install, their inground versions are more convenient to use.

DIY Inground Pool Kit Review
Inground Pool Repair DIY

Excavation according to the chosen shape and depth takes up the most effort, especially if you take into consideration the fact that detailed plot examination to determine whether or not this spot might feature an inground pool is an obligatory pre-building step.

Small DIY Inground Pools

DIY inground concrete pool probably takes the longest to build. And, it’s also the most expensive one. However, most experienced contractors will recommend you to choose this option above the others (which are vinyl lined and fiberglass based basins). The term or service, as well as its reliability and remodeling flexibility are the factors that define their preferences.

Inground Pool Kits DIY

On the other hand, you may purchase one of the DIY inground swimming pool kits that feature the vinyl base for your future water basin and skip that time and labor consuming concrete pouring part of the job. The downside of this kit type is that you have to be extremely careful while using it, as any sharp object (including various water accessories) may damage the lining, which will lead to leak issues and urgent repair expenses.

DIY Inground Fiberglass Pools
DIY Semi Inground Pools
DIY Pool Kits Inground
DIY Inground Fiberglass Pool Kits
DIY Inground Pool Kits Fiberglass

DIY inground fiberglass pool kits with protective finishing coats, pre-shaped shelves and steps, various outline options are a lot more reliable and durable if compared to the previous ones. In fact, they may even turn out a lot cheaper, as you can totally purchase a used one in good shape for a decent price.

DIY Inground Pool Kit

At the same time, even if you buy one of those kits, it’s still better to address to the professional pool servicemen in order to install your water basin safely, provide it with proper water filtration and chemical balancing equipment and maintain it during the warm season.


Which inground pool deck to build?

If you decide to construct an inground pool in your backyard, you know that it can’t be really comfortable to use unless you build an inground pool deck around it. It creates a relaxation zone around your water basin, makes the space to arrange your outdoor furniture along with sunbeds, picnic tables outdoor cooking appliances, as well as various accessories (like water slides).

Deck Around Inground Pool
Semi Inground Pool Deck Ideas

Inground Pool Deck Designs

Just imaging getting out of your water basin and stepping onto the land or grass with your bare feet, getting back into it and ruining the clearness of the water with all the dirt you’ve managed to collect on your feet. That’s just not going to happen. And the deck around inground pool is going to ensure that.

How to Build a Deck Around an Inground Pool

However, before finding out how to build a deck around the inground pool, you need to decide what type of basin surrounding material you’re going to use and which deck shape, style and design you’re willing to recreate. Remember, that your choice should fit your existing garden landscape, as well as house exterior and actual swimming pool style.

Wooden Deck Around Inground Pool

The most common options include wood, tile, stone and concrete. Various plans often include built-in steps, curved shapes, color and material combinations, etc. Dark or untreated wooden deck around inground pool always looks great, especially when combined with similar house siding, patio and outdoor furniture. The beauty of the final look is undeniable. The fact that it’s built out of natural materials adds to the benefits of this covering type.

Pool Deck Ideas for Inground Pools

But, even though it’s not as difficult for professionals to install, it is quite a lot of work for you to maintain. That’s why concrete or tiled deck will be a much more practical and durable option for you. Easy to wash and much more suitable for moist areas, these traditional types of water basing surrounding remain among the homeowners’ favorites.


Semi Inground Pool must serve as long as possible

Semi Inground Pool is associated with a pleasant pastime, amusement, measured in swimming or vice versa sports training. Pastime in the country can be truly paradise if qualitatively ennoble the territory with various benefits of civilization. Nowadays semi inground swimming pool is becoming increasingly popular.

Semi Inground Pool Review
Semi Inground Pool with Deck
Semi Inground Pool Decks
Semi Inground Pool Sizes

However, the pleasure of swimming in the basin can spoil cold slippery coating, such as tiles, and you have constantly to keep an eye on every step, so as not to slip and fall. Rubber tiles are laid around a stationary basin or as a base under a carcass help to avoid slippage and an injury.

Semi Inground Pool Ladders

Semi inground pool ladders it is an essential attribute. It provides safe descent and out of the basin, as well as creating favorable conditions for its operation. In this case the best option is a ladder and stainless steel handrails. Ladders for pools are usually installed regardless of the size and depth of the basin itself. In the case if the pond is large or medium size, it is advisable to establish two stairs. If the basin is small in size, you can do one, but compact.

Semi Inground Swimming Pool
Semi Inground Pool with Deep End

You can simply change the number of steps, their height, width and height of stairs, relatively to an edge of the pond. The optimal ladder material, as already mentioned, is stainless steel. Using cheaper materials is undesirable, since most of ladder designs are constantly in the water, so it can be exposed to corrosive processes.

Semi Inground Pool Installation
Semi Inground Pool Kits
Best Semi Inground Pool

This can lead to unexpected situations and cause of injuries in swimmers. Nowadays these materials are treated with a special composition and are made according to modern technologies. Therefore, even the intensive exploitation of the stairs will be completely secure.

Semi Inground Swimming Pool Kits
SemiI nground Swimming Pool Designs

Semi inground pool with deck and you get max pleasure from your basin, if you build a wooden deck that surrounds it. This eliminates the inconvenience of entering into the basin, as well as creates a cozy and cheerful place in the sun, for a family and friends gathering. The site will provide a place to dive, sunbathe, dine by the pool or simply relax in a deck chair.


Small inground pool to fulfill your swimming dreams

Even if your backyard is too small to fit a full size water basin, you may opt for a small inground pool that will keep you cool during the boiling hot summer days and let you swim as much as you want. They definitely look much better than their inflatable options, and they’re certainly much more comfortable and clean to swim in.

Inground Pool for Small Yards
Small Inground Swimming Pool Kits
Small Inground Pool Sizes
Small Inground Pool Kits

You may find various inground pool designs for small backyards and choose the one that will let you make the full use of the available area, build a basin of a decent size and attractive looking shape and incorporate this water feature into your existing garden.

Small Inground Fiberglass Pool
Small Fiberglass Inground Pool
Small Inground Pool Designs

Do you still think that you don’t have enough room to set up even a small fiberglass inground pool? Well, let’s think a little bit better. For instance, most backyards feature a stone or concrete patio beside the house or in the middle of the backyard. Why don’t you replace your patio with a pool and build a nice concrete or paved decking around it to end up with both swimming and sitting areas?

Small Backyard Inground Pool Design Small Round Inground Pool

Do you have a long, but quite narrow strip of land along your fence? Don’t be limited by those standard artistic curved basin shapes and ask a builder to construct a narrow, but quite long rectangular small inground swimming pool for you. It might not look as great as big ones with versatile outlines, but it’s definitely more practical, especially in limited space conditions.

Small Inground Swimming Pool Designs
Inground Pool Designs for Small Backyards

Moreover, you may turn your entire backyard into the swimming area by building a small to medium water basin, surrounding it with narrow wooden edges – walkways and finding a pro who’d construct a retractable wooden decking to go over the one half of your basin if you need to arrange a typical patio setup. It’s quite amazing and really original.

Inground Pool for Small Backyard
Inground Pool in Small Backyard

What I’m trying to say is that if you want to have a swimming pool, you should not be limited by the amount of backyard space your property features. Just find a passionate contractor, be creative, talk about your alternatives and make your dream come true. Here is advice, after some swimming is good idea to be relaxed in your own hot tub.


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