How to Hang Curtain Rod Over Sliding Door

Door curtain rod is a device, devoted to suspend a blind above a doorway. Indeed, doorway rails don’t differ from any others.

They come in an endless variety of styles, designs, and colors. To add an aesthetic appeal, many articles have decorative brackets or finial. These rails can be made of metal plastic and wood.

How to Hang Curtain Rod Over Sliding Door

When it is talk about an ordinary doorway, there are no questions. But if you are a lucky owner of a sliding one, you have to think carefully over a suitable sliding door curtain rod, which will not prevent an easy passing through and an easy opening. Therefore, a rail must have a distance to the wall about two or three inches, that permits air circulation and simple closing-opening.

Curtain Rod Size

Curtain Rod Size for Sliding Glass Door

A very good decision is a curved sliding glass door curtain rod. It is very comfortable, easy to install, doesn’t ask holders, and permit a sliding door to function well. It is also very decorative.

And it is important, because a ledge has to blend with the interior and the style of the shade. Much depends of blind functions.

What Size Curtain Rod for Sliding Glass Door

If you tend only to decorate a room, a light transparent fabric will be suitable. Consequently, a thin and refined ledge is good for it.

When you need to protect yourself from sunshine and strangers’ gaze, take dense and heavy blinds, and thick and massive ledges.

How to Hang Curtain Rod

How to Hang Curtain Rod Over Sliding Door

At last, what size curtain rod for sliding glass door must be? Measure the width of the doorway and add to the rail about four inches.

If your entrance occupies the whole wall, take a rail from corner to corner. There different types of rods for curtaine, for very heavy curtains and rods, you can to install wall anchors.

Basically, is any difference between handing curtaine  rod over sliding glass doors and any windows. Firstly, you need to measure doors and make a some colour mark four or five  inches from the top of  the door.

After this manipulations, if you make sure that the placement right, just use a screw driver and install all curtain brackets. As for me, better to use a level, for the properly position. Put the curtains on the rod, if you have large grommets use the curtain rings or clips. Gently set the rod into the brackets, hang and adjust the curtains.


Curtain Rod Length

Curtain Rod Length for Sliding Glass Door

The width of the shade has to be even bigger to have nice folds on a fabric. On mounting an item, center it well and check the level to hang it evenly.

How to Hang Curtain Rod Over Sliding Door


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