How to Clean Bamboo Flooring: 5 Easy Steps

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It’s surprising but floors from bamboo is very durable when compared to other wood boards. It is water-resistant and easier to clean. However, you need to know how to clean bamboo flooring correctly not to damage it because regular maintenance is always needed to prolong its lifespan.

There are the tiniest particles of sand and dirt that can penetrate in boards’ finish and cause dents and scratches.

Stains also appear because of spills so it is important to clean them up instantly.


Cleaning Bamboo Floors with Natural Solutions

You may ask how often you need to clean your bamboo flooring. Everything depends on how often it is used and how intensive the traffic is on such a deck.

For example, the surfaces in kitchens and hallways should be cleaned daily while your living room’s flooring may need natural cleaning every other day.

Here, I want to share how to do cleaning naturally and what steps to follow.

Step 1. Clean all spills and heavy spots first of all. Use a soft sponge or microfiber cloth. After washing the spot away, dry the boards with a soft towel.


Mop for Bamboo Flooring


Step 2. Vacuum or sweep the floor. Use any tool for sweeping rough particles of dirt which you have at hand – a broom, a dust mop, or a vacuum cleaner.

Throw all debris into a waste can.


How to Vacuum Bamboo Floor


Step 3. Clear out dried stains and spills. After sweeping, have a thorough look at the surface. There may be some dried stains. Use a microfiber cloth. Damp it in water and rub the boards softly. It is possible to use an appropriate cleaning solution if the stain is too stubborn.


How to Clean Floor From Bamboo


However, I recommend avoiding harsh chemicals. They are not healthy and can damage the surface.

Remove the solution from the deck after its application and dry your boards out with a soft towel.

Step 4. Continue with damp mopping. Use natural solutions of baking soda and small amounts of white vinegar.

You can also use a special manufactured cleaner to proceed with mopping but check it for presence of heavy chemicals.

Mop softly by circular movements. Dry the boards immediately after mopping them.


Cleaning Bamboo Flooring


Step 5. Apply heavy cleaning if needed. Use a sponge or rag wiped in a special solution to rub your deck gently if needed.


How to Make Shine Floors from Bamboo

Using white vinegar solution in water is the best way to clean bamboo flooring naturally.

It is very easy to apply and it makes the surface shine after cleaning. If maintained regularly, such surfaces won’t need any special efforts on your part to shine.

Cleaning Bamboo Floor


Reduce foot traffic on the floor. Dirt, oil, and grease are usually brought onto surfaces on footwear from the outside.

So try not to wear outdoor shoes inside.

After having completed cleaning, polish the floor with a soft towel to give it additional shine.


Tips on Easy Cleaning

Here are some my tips on cleaning bamboo floring:

  1. Never apply a lot of water for cleaning. Damping a mop or cloth is completely enough;
  2. Do not use any abrasives and avoid steel wool;
  3. Take off shoes before stepping in a room and ask other people to do it;
  4. Never use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar;
  5. Follow all manufacturer’s instructions while maintaining bamboo floors;
  6. Utilize doormats next to the entrances to leave all dirt from the outside on them;
  7. Put rugs on high-traffic surfaces to protect floors.

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Here are the main things and recommendations on how to take care of your flooring. I hope they will be useful!


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