Farm Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Coolest Farm Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Farm birthday party is a great theme for young animal lovers. You could surprise guests for its originality, and allow kids to learn more about animals.

Of course, it is better to organize a celebration on fresh air. Green lawn, bright sun, fresh air – all this will add colourful to the celebration.


Farm Animal Birthday Party

Farm Animal Birthday Party

The main colours for farm themed birthday parties – red (including white and red in a cell), yellow and blue.

Also, pay attention to textiles and other decorative items with “cow” print. It will be appropriate to utilize burlap, hay bales, wood products, and wicker baskets, bouquets with wildflowers or grasses in brightly coloured cans.


Farm Birthday Party Supplies for Toddler

Farm Birthday Party Supplies for Toddler

Via Moments by Melissa Miller.

Decoration for the holiday could be soft plastic animals, cowboy hats, haystacks. Drawn boxes as a shed or silo could be additional farm birthday party supplies.


Farm Birthday Party Invitations

Farm Birthday Party Invitations

Via Drevio.

Create invitations in the format of an old red shed with opening doors, which open, you can see info about the holiday. Or, use a drawing or photograph of animals on a farm.


Farm Animal Birthday Party Ideas

Farm Animal Birthday Party Ideas

Also, pay attention to the decoration of dishes. Even usual sandwiches, muffins, and cakes will delight guests if they decorated thematically.

It can be a decorative fence, bed of hay or cakes with pictures of animals. Give the preference to simple meals and snacks, which best corresponds with farm life, as like stuffed eggs, sausages in the dough.


Farm Birthday Party Decorations

Farm Birthday Party Decorations

At the end of the event give guests a straw hats, colourful bandanas or plastic / soft toys.


Farm Themed Birthday Party Games

Farm Themed Birthday Party Games

For entertainment, ask your friend s for help, may be they prompt some farm birthday party ideas. You should propose to guests active games (“tying” them to the theme of the holiday), as guessing riddles about animals and others.

Also, if possible, arrange a photo zone, so that after your event you and your guests were bright and cheerful images.


Farm Birthday Party Food and Drinks

Rice Krispie Hay Barrels Farm Birthday Party Food

Rice Krispie Hay Barrels via Smart School House.


Watermelon Pig

Farm Birthday Party Food - Watermelon Pig

Farm Birthday Party Food – via Everyday Cooking.

I see you really like some awesome food, here you go than  – check one of my best post about pirate birthday party food for sure you´ll got some inspiration.


Desserts Table

Farm Birthday Party Ideas: Food, Drinks and Desserts Table

Farm Themed Birthday Party


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