Best Dog Bed Canopy Ideas

Dog canopy bed is an excellent option if you want to give your pet its own corner where he could have some rest.

Best Dog Bed Canopy Ideas


Dog canopy bed as a house for your pet

Side Table Becomes Canopy Dog Bed

When choosing luxury canopy dog beds first of all it is necessary to pay attention to the sizes and breed of the animal.

Princess Dog Bed with Canopy

There should be enough room for your pet could comfortably rest there. The shape of the bed is also important. If your pet likes to sleep rolling itself up into a ball, it is better to choose round or oval shape, but if your pet likes to draw itself up to full length, choose rectangular shape.

Dog Canopy Bed Pottery Barn

Dog breeders advise sleeping berths with removable covers so that you can easily wash it and dry it quickly. Such a thing should be practical.

Canopy Dog Beds for Large Dogs

Canopy Dog Bed Pottery Barn

As a rule, both big and small dog canopy beds consist of a frame made of plywood, cardboard, particle board, wood or metal and soft warm cover made of fur, fleece or padding polyester.

Such a sleeping berth is usually equipped with removable Velcro fastener curtains and plush pillows of any color you want.

Laundry (recommended temperature is 30°C) does not affect the appearance of the pillows, because they are made of wear-resistant and practical materials.

Iron Crown Canopy Dog Bed

It is not enough just to buy an indoor or outdoor dog canopy bed, it is necessary to train your pet to sleep there.

Canopy Dog Beds for Small Dogs


Luxury Canopy Dog Beds

Adaptation takes some time and goes easier if it is a little puppy. But if it is an adult dog, you should make some efforts.

One of the possible variants how to do this is to put some pieces of delicacies that will create a positive association with this place.

Outside Dog Bed with Canopy

Dog Canopy Bed Outdoor

Fancy Canopy Dog Beds

There is a great variety of houses for pets. It may just an ordinary sleeping berth or it may represent an apartment with light, air conditioning and even furniture. But there should be enough room for your pet, otherwise it won’t stay there. There are models decorated with all kinds of decorative elements: rushes, bow and sequins. If you decide to buy such a “glamour” bed, make sure that all the elements are sewn or glued well. Otherwise, the animal can gnaw off and swallow them.

11 Epic Dog Canopy Bed Ideas


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