DIY Lemon Bath Bombs

Bath — a stunning procedure, not only clears the body, but also able to relax after a working day or tonic in the morning. But it’s twice as pleasant to pamper yourself with a bath using fragrant cosmetics, which not only positively affects the mood, but also can heal the skin.

DIY Lemon Bath Bombs Recipe

Probably the most interesting invention in this regard — the bombs.  Simple or colorful, fragrant or effervescent bombs — all this can be done at home. How to make bombs for baths at home will be discussed further.

Today I’ll tell you a recipe for making lemon bath bombs with your own hands, making them is quite simple. To begin with, you need to grind citric acid and then Epsom salt with a coffee grinder. The smaller these products, the better they will react, and therefore more spit. Sift baking soda to remove it from the lumps and mix it with other dry ingredients. Do it better in gloves.

Lemonade Stand Fizzies Recipe

How to make lemon bath bombs

To the mixture add lemon essential oil and fractionated coconut oil and mix well. Then add yellow gel food coloring. Check the readiness of the mixture by squeezing it in your hand. By consistency, it should resemble wet sand: be loose enough, but at the same time it is good to peel and keep shape.

Lemonade Stand Bath Bombs Recipe

If there is a lack of moisture, you can add a little water to the mixture, for this purpose it is better to use a spray. After the addition of water, the mass will start to stifle, to quench the reaction, it must be rapidly thinned.

Lemon Essential Oil Bath Bombs

Once you have reached the correct consistency, proceed with the formation of bombs. To do this, you can use different capacities, for example, sandboxes, boxes of pendants, cut balls, etc. Well, having tamped out, fill the two halves of the form. Pour over from the top a little bitter mixture and connect the halves.

Yellow Gel Food Coloring Lemon Bath Bombs

Alternately, remove each part of the form. If they are badly removed, tap them tightly over their surface. Exhaust bombs leave to dry for a day.

DIY Lemonade Stand Lemon Bath Bombs

I hope that by knowing how to make bath bombs at home, you not only fully satisfy your curiosity, but you will now create it bursts — a sizzling miracle with your own hands.

DIY Lemon Bath Bombs Lemonade Stand Fizzies Recipe


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