9+ Incredible DIY Hammock Bed Ideas

Incredible DIY Hammock Bed Ideas

On summer vacations, it would be incredibly cool to lie in a diy hammock bed, sipping a refreshing beverage. It is rather comfortable and elegant decision for you house interior or a garden. Moreover, its production won’t take much time and doesn’t require specific skills.


Diy hammock bed: simple and comfortable

You will only need: several free hours, necessary materials, basic knowledge in sewing and as a result your evening rest will become a real blessing.

Such bed can be made at home using traditional weaving, fabric, wood, adding planks and special bright decoration.

DIY Bedroom Hammock Chair

Probably the easiest variant of a diy outdoor hammock bed that can be made with your own hands – is the Mexican one.

It looks like a cocoon that envelops the person completely. It is practically impossible to fall out of it, so it is a good way out from a security standpoint.

For making such modification you will need a piece of solid fabric and several sturdy ropes to bear the weight of a person.

Indoor Hammock Bed DIY

One more option is to weave a hammock of rope (any solid fabric may be used, except synthetic). But you will need a lot of materials: for a standard length (2.5 meter) it is required about 150 meters of rope.

DIY Hammock Bed Sheet

Once you have made you hammock bed, create a diy hammock bed sheet for it. The most difficult thing about it is to pick the textile and weave.

It is advised to avoid synthetic fabric, so pay attention to it. Take a pleasant to touch fabric, pick the right size and cut it. Sew the edges and it’s done.

DIY Outdoor Hammock Bed

Pamper your family pet with a diy dog hammock bed. Create the portable one, so it would be easy to move it from house to garden.

If will be a cozy personal place for your dog and both of you will enjoy summer evenings spent in the garden.

DIY Floating Bed Hammock


How to make rope hammock

Making a diy rope hammock with your own hands may be rather easy. Such suspended beds are cozy and beautiful. Moreover, they will serve you for many years.

Easy DIY Rope Hammock

The size which hammock can bear depends on the material – for example, the construction of the Brazil nut fibers can bear the weight of about 180 kg.

Of course, the hammock made of willow twigs will not be so sturdy. The best option will be using rattan – it can stand up to the weight of 120-130 kilograms.

DIY Rope Hammock Swing Chair

In order to make an easy diy rope hammock, you must know the basics or learn how to weave a few knots with macramé technique.

To start the work you will need a strong rope with diameter = 8mm, and two wooden rails of the same size and length of about 1.5 meters.

To fix the cord to the bars drill holes with diameter = 20mm on distance of 4-5 cm from each other. It will help to fix the cords more tightly.

Then start knitting the doss: the general length of ropes or cord depends on the selected pattern.

DIY Rope Hammock Chair

Bed made of synthetics is rather popular nowadays. The advantage of synthetic fabric is that it is not afraid of water.

After the rain it is enough to wipe it, or wait for it to dry – in the summer breeze that happens very quickly. Polyester and nylon are generally similar, but the surface smoothness of nylon doss is a little bit worse.

Speaking about sturdiness, the polyester is slightly inferior to the nylon. It can bear the weight of 120 kg, which is enough for an adult. A diy nylon rope hammock may be hard to weave, as the nylon is not very flexible and rather tough.

DIY Nylon Rope Hammock

If you prefer to sit in a comfortable chair reading an interesting book, you may create a diy rope hammock chair. It requires fewer materials, but more practical skills.

9+ Incredible DIY Hammock Bed Ideas


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