Colorful Crystal Door Curtain Beads

Crystal Door Curtain Beads

A crystal door curtain beads is really cool alternative of fabric blinds. It gives a room some special charm and is suitable in many interiors.


Advantage of Beaded Blinds

The advantage of beaded blinds is that you don’t need open and close a door, but pass through it. A short coming is that it doesn’t prevent you from noise or cold. The materials are different: plastic, wood, bamboo, paper, and etc.

Octagonal Crystal Beads Door Curtain

In spite of stereotyped view, it doesn’t represent a rustic style article, made of old pieces of plastic or wood. Our day this type of decoration can have a very elegant and refine look.

String Door Curtain with Beads

A crystal door beads curtain is a good example. Shining transparent details of dissimilar forms and colors give a romantic and exciting look to a room. The length of each thread can differ, creating an intricate shape.

Crystal Door Curtain Beads

They mainly realize only decorative function. If you want to divide one room from another and create some privacy, choose an item with high density of strings. There may be from 10 to 125 of them and more.

Glass Bead Door Curtain


Forms and Colors of Door Bead Curtains

Except various forms of pieces and abstract color gamut, string door curtain with beads represent quite interesting blinds that create a picture, thanks to a high density and combining of details, as in a puzzle.

Crystal Beads Curtain Blind Decoration Beaded

The subjects are from nature images to reproductions of famous painters’ canvas.

Door Beads Curtain IKEA

Many householders are interested how to make door beads curtain? First of all, plane a design. You future blind has to include repetitive details.

Crystal Door Beads Curtain

Don’t use more than six colors and shapes for not to overload the view. Cut mono-filament nylon of a needed length.

Hanging Door Beads Curtain

On measuring it, leave additional length to hang the product and to secure the details at the bottom. String the pieces in a necessary sequence.

Black Door Beads Curtain

There is can be no sequence, if you have an idea to make a charming disorder. Such a decision has a right to exist too.

Colorful and Beautiful Crystal Door Curtain Beads


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