Best Concrete Fire Pit Molds

Best Concrete Fire Pit Molds


Everything you should know about concrete fire pit

Concrete fire pit is a popular and available decoration for the garden or cottage yard. This construction is called stationary one. In fact, this is a hole in the ground and the walls of which are laid round with brick, tile, cement or stone.

Concrete Block Fire Pit
Concrete outdoor fire pit should not be arranged in a flooded valley, on a hill or near the trees. The optimal size of the hole is 90-110 cm and the depth should be 30-40 cm.

Concrete Outdoor Fire Pit
Concrete Gas Fire Pit

The bottom of the bowl should be filled with small gravel up to the level of 15-20 cm from the surface. It is necessary to think about blowing and rain drainage in such kind of a fireplace.

Concrete Fire Pit Molds
Concrete for Fire Pit
Modern Concrete Fire Pit

If you want to enjoy the view and warmth of the fire adhering to all safety standards you should think about the modern concrete fire pit. Such constructions can be installed in any part of the area without its special preparation.

Concrete Bowl Fire Pit
Concrete Patio Fire Pit

These units have legs, which prevent the cup from the contact with the ground. The hemisphere itself is made of fire-resistant concrete of high quality, which is not heated, even with prolonged burning fire. This material is not afraid of sudden changes of temperature and even resistant to cold weather.

Poured Concrete Fire Pit
Concrete Fire Pit Bowl

The embers in a round concrete fire pit are covered with a special reticulate cap, which prevents the occurrence of sparks and reduce the risk of blaze. Such a bowl can be also used as a grill for cooking meat and vegetables.

Round Concrete Fire Pit
Concrete Patio with Fire Pit
Concrete Fire Pit Plans

There are no any specific requirements as for the cleaning and care of such bowls. They do not fade in the sun and do not rust in wet weather in comparison to the metal models. The hemisphere always retains its original cleanliness and attractiveness.

Concrete Fire Pit Ideas
Concrete Fire Pit Table

And if you do not plan to use it for a long time, it can be removed for storage in a shed or garage. It this case it is better to use a special cover.


Types and characteristics of fire pit bowls

Nowadays fire pit bowls is an integral part of every nice yard or a garden.

Fire Pit Bowls Stainless Replacements
According to the place of allocation such bowls can be divided into two groups: stationary or built in and portable ones. The sizes of portable constructions can vary from tiny items up to 15 cm in height to designs that can completely replace a table.

Fire Pit Bowls Concrete

Such fire pit replacements bowls are often provided with a portable metal cover-plate. After removal the ash from the cup, the plate is fixed on top, and a fireplace is turned into a convenient table.

Fire Pit Bowl Insert Replacements

The easiest way to sit near the campfire is to have ceramic fire pit bowls, which resembles a garden vase. Each pot is made by hand. Inside of it there is a special gel fuel canister based on isopropyl alcohol and thickening agents.

Ceramic Fire Pit Bowls

When the fuel burns you can even hear the crackling imitating the sound of the burning logs. Such firepots are available in different sizes and shapes. The flame is lit in them through the wick and is extinguished with a special cup. They are mounted on the floor or on a table.

Fire Pit Bowls Replacements

A metal fireball is an original solution for the decoration and lighting of a garden plot. It was offered by the designer Melissa Crisp. She came up with metal cups for the campfire, which were called “Up North”.

Replacement Fire Pit Bowls

They look great both day and night thanks to the carvings and drawings with wild animals. Paintings depicting forest fires are designed to make the people think about the proper handling with blaze during country visits. They can be used to burn the grass, twigs and even cook some food.

Fire Pit Bowl Insert

There are such materials for fire pit bowls: concrete, metal (iron, cast iron, and stainless steel), ceramics (pottery, clay, terracotta) or stone (for example, granite).


A simple way to build a diy concrete fire pit

One of the most popular ways to have an outdoor fireplace is to build a diy concrete fire pit.

DIY Modern Concrete Fire Pit

A fire bowl is a simple, easy and cheap way to arrange the evening rest safely. It prevents the spread of flame, as rigidly retains borders. Small, mobile model and some stationary ones are equipped with protective covers to protect from sparks people and surrounding objects.

DIY Concrete Fire Pit Table

All coal, ash and unburned wood leave inside it, and do not spread with wind across the place. That is the reason why a diy concrete fire pit bowl could be a very simple solution for your country home.

DIY Concrete Gas Fire Pit

However, the talk is about an embedded sight, so that is how you can build one. It is all easy and is not an expensive method.

DIY Concrete Propane Fire Pit

You will have to dug a trench with the depth of 6 inches and a width of 0,98-1,31 ft. and fill it with a concrete then. After the material becomes hard, a soil from the inside must be removed.

DIY Fire Pit on Concrete Patio

A concrete floor in a concrete fire pit diy can be avoided; it is possible to fill and compact crushed stone and sand.

DIY Concrete Fire Pit Tutorial

So, this is a nice and easy diy concrete fire pit tutorial, which you can implement quickly. Then you can add a grille or even build a kind of table, which warmth can heat your meal. It will also be a perfect idea to create or just put benches or armchairs, in order to turn the whole place into a dwelling of relax.

DIY Modern Concrete Fire Pit From Scratch

An evening passed near a live flame – the leisure is both attractive and popular. However, the open fire represents a serious hazard, if mistreated. Making a fire can only be carried out on a site and subjects to certain safety rules.


Inground fire pit a simple but interesting solution

Inground fire pit is to all who likes to sit in the evenings by the hearth, recalling childhood or student youth, just admiring the flames. It also is an original section of landscape framework. The fireside should be stationed away from the garth trees and premises or other annexes.

Inground Fire Pit Ideas

Build Inground Fire Pit

Inground Fire Pit Plans

The optimum interval to the dwelling should be at least 3 m and not less than 4 m to the nearest trees.

Building an Inground Fire Pit

Make inground fire pit in a village you could with a help of a small yawner. The depth of the hole should be about 30-40cm. The bottom of the excavated pit is poured with a layer of gravel. To the hearth will last longer, the inside of the yawner is necessary to encircle with a cut-sheet metal.

Inground Fire Pit Ring

Inground fire pit ring may be raised using separate blocks or bricks. After that undertake a shovel and tidy up the pieces of turf near the campfire. It is necessary the masonry-border will lay easier and smoother. Then lay directly circle from stones (bricks, paving slabs). The slots between the bricks in the hearth should be filled with soil, sand or clay.

How to Build an Inground Fire Pit

How to build an inground fire pit and a border: it is often applied for the remained redundant cleaved pieces of tile that was used in the arrangement of garth paths or it could be the same bricks or pervious.

Make Inground Fire Pit

A cunning interesting option is irregular geometric form flat plates, which are disposed in curlicue. Try to make an interesting drawing not to lacerate the contexture with a circle inside. To formalize the site near the fireside, you can apply cobbles, gravel or tile for garth paths.

Building Inground Fire Pit

An opposite side of the hearth can be equipped with rebars stands for skewers. In order to not have to pass far to gather firewood near the place you could appoint especial woodsheds, which are decorated in a similar style to the hearth.


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