Best Blinds for Bay Windows

Blinds for Bay Windows

Bay window blinds are various types of treatments for an oriel. This architectural feature is known since Victorian times, and often used in modern buildings.

And no wonder, because it has a stunning appearance inside and outside. An oriel is frequently large, and consists of three and more sections.


Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds for Bay Window

Bay window blinds ideas come in a large variety of styles, designs, and materials.

Blinds for Bay Windows Ideas

The most habitual version is a common curtain. And there are two ways of hanging it. The first mode consists in using of a curved rod, which permits to hang a drape inside and follow an oriel shape.


Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds Bay Window

The second option is to separate a bow by means of a curtain and left a free part of the floor to a window.


For Square Window

Blinds Square Bay Window

The last decision is good when your room is enough big, and you don’t need to save the space. Anyway, you can use valances and pelmets to get a better decoration.


Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds Bay Windows Fitting

Another traditional option is roman jalousies. They supplied in diverse patterns and colors and are always very stylish. It is possible to lower them at a needed height to provide a desired level of shade and privacy.


Shades & Curtains

Bay Window Shades and Blinds

Vertical blinds for bay windows are also very practical and nice, convenient for large sized frames. They come in separated panels that permit to follow the curvature and to open one part on leaving others closed.

Smaller panes can be decorated with Venetian jalousies, which fit for each section too, and are very simple in use.

Bay Window with Blinds and Curtains

At last, we have to mention that there are not only semispherical but box bay window blinds. These square shaped bows look more strictly and often used in offices and organizations.

So there is more practical and convenient to cover them with vertical or roman jalousies.

Best Blinds for Bay Windows


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