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Creation of modern design with cool floor lamps

An up-to-date interior doesn’t manage without cool floor lamps. A luminaire staying on the floor was always stylish and suitable in any room of any design. Our days, original light fittings became a wonderful addition, a touch of taste and luxury.

Great Floor Lamps for Reading
Unique Floor Lamp Design

Cool modern floor lamps boast with their diversity. A palm tree trunk for a leg and palm leaves on top is a natural style for a living room. The room can be decorated also with a searchlight on a tripod, like in the theatre, or on a shooting area. This type of luminaires gives a very bright light. It’s good to place it near an armchair for reading.

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DIY Cool Floor Lamps
Cool Small Floor Lamps

The most unusual, but beautiful light fitting I ever saw is the reversed cup of tea. The poured out tea serves as a leg, the cup itself like a lampshade, and hanged down thread of the tea bag is a switch. Incredible!

Architecture Cool Floor Lamps
Cool Modern Floor Lamps

And what a nice effect of a shining soap bulb! If you don’t want a bulb, place in your dwelling a big light sphere without legs. As an option, install several spheres of different diameters. It will create a fantastic effect!

Cool Floor Lamps for Bedroom

Cool floor lamps design permits to use arc luminaires with very thin legs and disproportionate large or tiny lampshades. Or a luminaire is represented as only a shining arc string. The low light can be given by a thing ant tall glass panel. If you think that this idea is not enough expressive, purchase a bunch of round spheres on high legs.

Cool Ideas for Floor Lamps
Cool Floor Lamps Design

Among cool floor lamps for bedroom you can choose one that looks like a dummy or a woman dress. A hat on a walking stick will add a charm to your bedroom. A high striped cat with a lampshade on his tail is an amazing idea for bedroom and nursery. You have only to use wisely these way-out ideas.


The elegance and casual perspectives of tripod floor lamps in the room

The lighting is the basis of the comfortable room. The tripod floor lamps allow reaching double effect in the interior of the accommodation. At first, they are perfect light fixtures. And secondly, they increase the design and style potential of the room.

Tripod Wood Floor Lamp
Modern Tripod Floor Lamp
Gold Tripod Floor Lamp
Black Tripod Floor Lamp

They come in multiple colours, styles, and shapes. If you find both casual and elegant floor lamps, the tripod items are the best solution. They will balance the design and play an important role in a lot of situations.

Tripod Floor Lamp Wooden Legs
Tripod Floor Lamp Ideas
Photographers Tripod Floor Lamp

Two wood tripod floor lamps are the best idea to enhance the fireplace. Put them near its sides and their warm light will invite your guests to relax with a cup of tea.  The simple decoration isn’t hinted for them.

White Tripod Floor Lamp
Industrial Tripod Floor Lamp
Studio Tripod Floor Lamp

Another winning strategy for tripod fixtures is a contrast. Some homeowners prefer the bright walls and dark floor or vice versa. The furniture traditionally reflects the continuation of the same line. The oversized tripod fixtures enhance the design tendency and combine all pieces of the interior into a single unit.

Tripod Floor Lamp Wood
DIY Tripod Floor Lamp
Wood Tripod Floor Lamps

Such items will be useful not only in the house but also in the office. At the past times, you could see the photographer’s tripod floor lamp. The item allowed it to play with light in order to find the best lighting for the shot. Nowadays the tripod fixtures moved to different business and service organizations.

Brass Tripod Floor Lamp
Vintage Tripod Floor Lamp

They help the workers to gain the lighting benefits from the desk and window seat.

Nautical Tripod Floor Lamp
Tripod Spotlight Floor Lamp
Marine Tripod Floor Lamp

As you see, these lamps are unpretentious for the environment. They are beautiful complements for classic designs and for modern luxury interiors. In other words, they save their elegance independently of designer’s imagination.


Implementation of wood floor lamps in your living room

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of the comfort and wood floor lamps can increase this effect. The main rule for their implementation is a strict follow-up of basic criterions that reach the best match of your lamp inside the room interior.

Wooden Floor Lamp with Shelves
Wood Tripod Floor Lamps


The style palette of such items is very rich. Choose the lamp basing on the environment of the room. If your room is full of historical furniture and pieces of interior prefer the vintage wood lamps. Opposite, if your living room is harmonized with the reality, take attention to the modern wood floor lamp.

Reclaimed Wood Floor Lamp
Wood Floor Lampswood Floor Lamps Ideas


The professional and amateur designers constantly try to find something new to create the unique look of the lamp. Some of them look dramatic while others stay classic. Whatever, you will always find the item which fills the gap in your design vision.

Floor Lamp Wood Base
Tripod Floor Lamp Wood

The lamp must match with the surrounding furniture not only in style and design but also by size. The giant fixtures will destroy the balance with small couches. In the opposite case, the Lilliput wood item will fail on the background of library furniture.

Natural Wood Floor Lamp
Wood Floor Lamp Base
Tripod Wood Floor Lamp

The colour scheme of the lamp shade or bulbs is the best way to transform the room space. The dark wood floor lamp will be the focal point in the white room. They give the muted light so you can use them also in the nursery for night feeds.

These are the main factors during the search campaign. Don’t be too hot to trot and choose the lamp carefully. As a result, you’ll purchase the desired item of the high quality for less money.

Reclaimed Wood Floor Lamp
The professional and amateur designers constantly try to find something new to create the unique look of the lamp. Some of them look dramatic while others stay classic. Whatever, you will always find the item which fills the gap in your design vision.

The lamp must match with the surrounding furniture not only in style and design but also by size. The giant fixtures will destroy the balance with small couches. In the opposite case, the Lilliput wood item will fail on the background of library furniture.

Antique Wood Floor Lamp

The colour scheme of the lamp shade or bulbs is the best way to transform the room space. The dark wood floor lamp will be the focal point in the white room. They give the muted light so you can use them also in the nursery for night feeds.


Arc floor lamps classiness

The most simple way too enhance a boring interior is lighting, and arc floor lamps is a stylish variation to do it delicately. This type of light fixture is always fresh and creates a bright, vibrant atmosphere. It can play the main role, or to supplement the general lighting. The lamps focus the attention on the place you want to illumine. They are mainly laconic but functional and attractive.

Beautiful Arc Floor Lamp Ideas
DIY Arc Floor Lamp
Arc Floor Lamp

To select the best specimen of the modern arched floor lamps for you, make a comparison shopping in shops and in the Internet. It will help you to choose the design and the price that suits you the best.

Arc Floor Lamp
Adjustable Arc Floor Lamp

It is well to have a torch with regulated leg to direct the light. Since modern light fixtures are lightweight and portable it’s possible to move them, even bring to your patio and create a wonderful romantic evening under the stars.

Arch Floor Lamps Contemporary
Modern Arched Floor Lamps

On buying a luminaire, pay attention to the manufacture and materials. For instance, have a good look at an arc floor lamp IKEA production. IKEA is an international group that designs the best quality of furniture in the world. Concerning materials, there is a large variety of them.

Silver Arc Floor Lamp

One can meet wood, metal, brass, chrome, Plexiglas, bronze and even gold arc floor lamp. The market offers also all types of colors and tints, matte and glossy finish.

Three Arm Arc Floor Lamp
Arc Floor Lamp Contemporary
Wood Tripod Floor Lamps

The shapes of plafonds may be from simple and classic, such as sphere hemisphere, drum, and cylinder. Or, there are more unusual specimens, for example, pyramid, drop, flower and really odd peculiar shapes, anyway all of them is cool floor lamp ideas. The sizes of plafonds vary from large to tiny. The floor torches are able to have two, three and five arms.

Gold Arc Floor Lamp
Black Arc Floor Lamp

All types of these luminous sources blend perfectly with any interior, create a cozy area and are functional, since provide general and task lighting.


New vision of the industrial floor lamps

Most of us consider the industrial floor lamps as huge constructions used on enterprises for operational needs. Meanwhile, these items moved to our houses and offices. They take a little space in the room and accomplish several important functions in the accommodation.

Industrial White Floor Lamp
Industrial Design Floor Lamp
Industrial Tripod Floor Lamp

The first important category is industrial task floor lamp. Such devices will heat the heart of your elder relatives as they sat on the working desk. The fixtures saved industrial aesthetic. However, this nuance allows it to fit with a lot of styles.

Industrial Floor Lamp Vintage

The other lamps imitate professional equipment of the enterprises from different branches of the economy. Some leading lighting companies introduced the new generation of the desk light fixtures. They remain the old Hollywood lights which used in the middle of the XXth century.

Vintage Industrial Floor Lamp

The professional floor fixtures are available in a wide palette colours and shapes. The good news are that the cost of such pieces of interior is affordable for most of customers.

Industrial Metal Floor Lamp

But what to do if you don’t find your favourite industrial lamp? Or maybe you want to purchase the unique device? The best idea is to do it yourself and engage the whole family to the process. The profile websites and individuals publish the detailed guides for homegrown masters. You’re free to test the unusual combinations and develop your personal style. As a result, you can turn the DIY industrial floor lamps into a business.

Collins Industrial Floor Lamp

Some devices have extra useful options for casual homeowners. They learned to regulate the light brightness depending on the period of the day or outer situation. Sometimes they contain some USB slots to charge the cell phones or tablets.

Industrial Floor Lamp DIY

Remember, that the industrial lamp is an instrument of design formation. Choose them according to your preferences and required options.


Advantages and disadvantages of silver floor lamps

Typical silver floor lamps are single-bulbs lamps on a high tripod with a lampshade.

Silver Dome Floor Lamp
Silver Floor Lamp with White Shade

Modern silver floor lamps have many advantages:

  • mobility – it can be easily rearranged from one place to another and even from one room to another;
  • economical efficiency – a lamp saves energy due to the usage of a dimmer;
  • easy to upgrade. Today you can simply change the lampshade and you will have a new torchiere;
  • changes the interior of any room- such lighting serve not only as a separate element of decorating, but also can expand or reduce the room and even “visually” raise ceilings.

Arc Floor Lamp Silver

But it is necessary to know that they have some disadvantages too:

  • unaesthetic wires. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to hide the cable; it will just always lie on the floor.
  • It is potentially dangerous for little children, who are attracted by the cord with switch. Pulling it, they can drop the torchiere and be injured.


The tripod is usually made of metal and it is attached to the foundation of the round or square shape. And there is a lampshade on the top. Thanks to it, the room is filled with soft and diffused background light, which creates a unique and cozy atmosphere.

Silver Swing Arm Floor Lamp

Thant’s why lampshades are made of materials which scatter the light well. Cloth and rice paper were the most popular materials, but now acrylic plastic and blown glass are becoming more and more popular.

Silver Floor Lamp

Their shapes are usually in the forms of a cone, but nowadays we can see interesting shapes of a sphere or parallelepiped – everything you can imagine. The main purpose of silver tripod floor lamp is to provide an additional illumination of the room. It should not be too bright; the bulb of 40-60 watts would be enough to provide a pastime at home. There are also more powerful torchieres, but this is mostly an exception from the rules. In this case, they will be completed with a power regulator.

Silver Metal Floor Lamp

There are also antique silver floor lamps, but the price for them is high and they will suit only to special designs.


Make the room in the marine style with nautical floor lamps

Nautical floor lamps are widely used in the marine theme, which never loses its popularity and is getting more and more popular with years. Marine theme in the interior design has a special charm. It is often chosen by great romantics. It is distinguished by the originality and diversity. This design is appropriate in all the rooms: kitchen, bedroom, living room, hallway, bathroom and nursery.

Nautical Floor Lighting
Nautical Signal Light Tripod Floor Lamp
Nautical Style Floor Lamps

Cool nautical floor lamps are compact in size and do not require any installation, so they can be moved from place to another. They are made of such materials as: metal, wood, plastic, glass. They are suitable to any style of the room, but the most appropriate styles are considered to be modern and high-tech.

Marine Nautical Signal Light Floor Lamp
Nautical Tripod Floor Lamp

Today designers offer a wide variety of models of nautical style floor lamps. Lampshades may have unusual shapes. The most popular are the ones in the form of an oil lamp. They look stylish and original.

Nautical Themed Floor Lamps
Marine Nautical Searchlight Floor Lamp
The floor lamp can be also decorated with anchors, steering wheels, maps, seashells and even hand braided ropes or shade. This piece of furniture will engage the attention of the guests, who will appreciate the taste of the owners of the house. Ship theme torchiers will create coziness and comfort. They will bring the atmosphere of traveling and adventure.

Tripod Floor Lamp Nautical

Floor luminaire in the shape of a spotlight brings a piece of the spirit of the sea. It is made from high-quality metal alloy resistant to corrosion, glass and wood. The construction consists of a wooden tripod and a metal lampshade with a glass insert, which is a diffuser. It is equipped with turning mechanisms by which it is possible to adjust the angle of the lampshade ceiling and the height of the luminaire.

Tripod Nautical Floor Lamps
There are many interesting and unusual nautical floor lamps ideas. When choosing this illumination device don’t forget about the general design of the room. As a rule, white and blue colors are characteristic for this style. The rooms are furniture with aged things. Wicker chairs and tables will give a special charm.



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