Backyard Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas

Backyard Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas


Interesting and useful backyard fire pit ideas

A bonfire is not used for heating or cooking for a long time already, but it is still considered to be the symbol of life and warmth, so there are many backyard fire pit landscaping  ideas.

This place is very important and has some functions, such as:

  1. Creation of warm and comfortable atmosphere;
  2. Aesthetic function, because a bonfire is still among the things which can be admired endlessly;
  3. It helps to make the design of the yard completed and nice

Backyard Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas
Backyard Fire Pit Design Ideas
Small Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

A fire pit should not stand lonely somewhere on the backyard. There should be a special place for rest. The area typically includes a paved area (about 2-3 m in diameter), a fireplace (stationary or portable), which is set in the center with the size of 0.5-1 m and a path from the house.

Fire Pit Ideas For Backyard
Fire Pit Backyard Ideas

Simple backyard fire pit ideas offer to place a seating area on a paved area. Put here benches, chairs, armchairs and a table at a distance at least 1 meter from the fireplace. It will be appropriate to organize a place to store firewood here too. And if you plan to use it for cooking kebabs and barbeque, so you should think about the table for cutting products. However, you can use portable garden furniture instead.

Backyard Design Ideas with Fire Pit Backyard with Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas
Backyard Fire Pit Ideas Landscaping
No matter what size of the bowl is, because there are many small backyard fire pit ideas. Such place is organized for a little company and it looks cozy and warm. Don’t forget about the flowers and plants. They will make your place for rest more beautiful and adorable.

Backyard Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas
Fire Pit Ideas for Small Backyard

In garden design, there are some fire pit ideas for backyard, for example, you can make a floating fireplace or hearth in the fountain. It can run on propane or natural gas. The connection of the elements of water and fire in one design object produces an amazing experience.

DIY backyard fire pit for a good rest

There is nothing more pleasant and satisfying than a diy backyard fire pit made on your own. This outdoor fireplace is not only useful for gatherings with friends over a barbeque, but simply can be a great decoration of your suburban area.

Backyard Fire Pit DIY
DIY Backyard Fire Pit Designs
Build a DIY Backyard Fire Pit

Anyway, such a thing requires certain preparations, in order to get the needed result. First of all, to get rid of “side effects” let us remember and surely apply these two simple rules:

  • In order to build a DIY backyard fire pit, the place should be placed away from buildings, trees, car parking spaces and other flammable objects;
  • The area, where you intend to build a fire, must be separated from the territory by any other non-combustible material: stone, brick, iron, concrete – what you have in store, what is more suitable or easier to use.

DIY Outdoor Fire Pit Grill
DIY Outdoor Fire Pit

Simple, but quite sturdy fence can be made of sheet metal and a small amount of sand and gravel. This and many more diy backyard fire pit ideas you can easily find online. Well, yes – sometimes you do not want to waste time and effort on some complicated structures. Perhaps, the thought to  sit in the evening by the fire came suddenly – and there is a suitable place, which can be equipped with the materials at hand.

If in a barn accidentally appear a large metal object that resembles a cup or ring, which is very good, because nothing more is actually  required. Just find rocks to put it on and get the fire going.  If you miss a hike or like going for the weekend out of town with a tent – to the river, on a fishing trip, you will probably find it closer to precisely this variant. Free DIY backyard fire pit designs will help you to create something.

Brick fire pit ideas for your contry house

Brick fire pit ideas will bring to your backyard more cozy and contemporary details. Outdoor fireplaces, more recently, have carried only a utilitarian function. Today it is a rather popular element of landscape design.

And in the summer it would be so desirable to spend as much time as possible outdoors, to cook over an open fire in warm evenings, to eat barbecue, to roast fish after a hard day. Or come for weekends with great company to enjoy outdoor activities in the open air after the stifling urban space.

Brick Fire Pit

Outdoor hearths are substantially represented a delved hole in the ground or above-ground formation, edged by a wall of rugged rock. Durable walls will help to retain heat, retain and uphold the fire from blowing wind. Brick fire pit plans: can be a compound of various materials as metal and brick, granite and brick or can be used special refractory blocks, ordinary or even paving tiles. The choice of materials and processing methods are determined by the style of the plot.
Paver Patio Fire Pit Ideas

Outdoor brick fire pit ideas could be suitable for any overall style of a dwelling. But from the standpoint of access simplicity and maintenance, most give a round shape


Backyard brick fire pit ideas

Les’t tell above-ground construction, recessed into the priming and the budget format made of an old barrel. When you are planning to equip the hearth, the first thing you should do to choose a place. The center has to stand off spreading trees, outbuildings and dwellings:If it is the above-ground construction – a small hill or a flooded low is not the best choice for accommodation of a campfire. It must be a medium.

Better if it will be a flat area with a good overview. Traditionally the hearth is made with a diameter of 90-100 cm. For the construction of the hearth it must be used only a mortar with refractory additives.

Backyard Brick Fire Pit Ideas
For the arrangement of the stationary hearth can apply another option – excavation. In the place of the arrangement of the future focus should be dig a hole with depth of about 30-40 cm. Along the inner walls should be laid sheets of metal.

How to build quickly a brick fire pit?

If you are asking yourself how to build a brick fire pit, you need not worry about the instructions and help. First of all, it is simple and aesthetically flawless. You will have to excavate a small hole, prepare bricks, mortar, or clay, a decoration material for the around terrain. For the hearth dug a hole in 30 centimeters deep, but no less than it. Digging should be carried in a way the walls tapper as a funnel. Laying is vertical, i.e. side of each stone will look at the fire.

Just think and calculate everything in advance because the bricks will significantly reduce the width, that is why it must have a margin same as the width of the brick. So, during the whole process decide what place will be a fireplace. This is about how to build a round brick fire pit.

Nevertheless, you may select any shape you wish. The bottom of the finished hearth is needed to be filled medium or coarse gravel and tamp it. The layer is supposed to be ten centimeters, not less. When the masonry is ready, roughness between bricks must be plastered with clay, solution, and the masonry is thickened with rubber mallet.

How to Make Brick Fire Pit

If you are interested in how to build a paver fire pit, the process is pretty much the same, but you can always add any distinctive features. Besides, the hearth can be not only round. Remarkably will look lunar crater or improvised sun rays.

How to Build a Brick Fire Pit Grill

As question of how to make a brick fire pit in your backyard is answered, bear in mind that produced by your own hands hearth is no longer just a stove, but a real work of art. Thanks to it, the garden will be transformed out of all recognition, especially if you combine this structure with the general concept of the house.

Doing easily the diy brick fire pit

Though a metal bowl is a way to avoid time-consuming preparations, is very simple and much used, the most common is diy brick fire pit. It is very simple to make and more convenient from the point of usage. A stone fence of our fireplace, among other things, will accumulate the heat of a burning flame, and then gradually give away supplies of heat, even when the fire is already extinguished. The person is drawn to fire, probably since the cave times.

Today, we have, like, all the benefits of civilization, but still many people like to sit by the fire, look at the flames, cook something in it or sit around the brick fire pit diy in the evening is preferred by many people. That is why, in the country we arrange various hearths, barbecues, and someone builds the whole furnace outside.

DIY Fire Pit Plans

After you have secured the area and the main part is over, you can add extra features, which will excellently help you in your future relaxation, as for example, build brick fire pit grill. For more beauty and functionality you can put on a diy outdoor brick fire pit a countertop with a cut-out square in the form of a fireplace.

On the edge of the improvised table you can put a cup with coffee and be sure that it will not soon cool down in a cool August evening. You can immediately provide the stone benches around the table. Also, it is better that they would be lie out of the same brick in the same semi-circle shape, closer to the cozy of a flame.

Fire – this is what causes in us the best  primitive instincts. Be together. Have a warm heart. Search for another kind words and kind thoughts to yourself.


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