Painting Brass Light Fixtures Advice

Original suggestions of brass light fixtures

Painting brass light fixtures is a simple but wonderful alteration when your lamp is no longer fits the décor or you are boring with it. Rather than buying a new torch, it’s much cheaper to transform an old one and very pleasant to have something DIY at home. Ponder over how to change an ugly old-fashioned luster in a beautiful creative specimen. Moreover, the process is not difficult.

How to Paint Brass Light Fixtures
How to Spray Paint Light Fixture

First, think over a color. You may use anyone. It‘s well known that white is a basic tone, which is able to refresh everything. It harmonizes with all colors, but is a little bit boring and uninteresting. As concerns black, it has an elegant look and gives some charm to lusters. If you are not afraid of its darkness, please do it. Painting brass light fixtures with metallic paint is a perfect idea too. A metallic glitter gives a rich effect and makes a room brighter. It is known that gold and silver torches are very expensive. Spray your old lamp with gold or silver and you will get an exclusive thing.

Painting Brass Light Fixtures with Brush
Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint

To start the work, take off your chandelier and remove the lampshades and the light bulbs. Clean it well from rust and grease. Buy an acrylic spray, because it covers smoothly the surface, and it is easier and more quickly to color with a spray than with a brush. Spray painting light fixtures give a neatly look.

Paint Brass Light Fixtures

Place the fixture in a cardboard box to avoid making a mess and apply several thin layers of a primer. Permit the primer to dry out and apply several layers of paint, allowing each layer to dry out before the next one. It is advisable to color outside or in a well-ventilated room and to wear protective clothes, glasses, and gloves.

Now, you see that it is nothing very special to paint a brass light fixture. Minimum costs and maximum creativity!


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