How to Throw a Hawaiian Birthday Party

Best Hawaiian Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Hawaiian birthday party is coconuts, palm leaves, original cocktails and fruit snacks. If the outside is hot summer, a good idea will be celebrating outside.

How to Throw a Hawaiian Themed Birthday Party

For this ideal will be a beach or any convenient meadow. The main purpose of the festival is to recreate the atmosphere of heated islands and enjoy games, refreshments, and dancing. In preparation for this you can make some themed crafts with kids.


Party Decorations

Hawaiian Birthday Party Decorations

Via Lauras Little Party.

To create a festive atmosphere is necessary to select appropriate Hawaiian birthday party decorations as beautiful flowers, lei and other attributes of the hot island.


Tropical Hawaiian Birthday Party

Tropical Hawaiian Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Decoration Ideas via Claire Collected.

You can also use balloons with images of islands and fresh flowers, for example, domestic palm. So better to apply light plastic tables and decorated them with a variety of feast details. How I see it’s good alternative to beach themed birthday party, to compare just check that my post.


Hawaiian Birthday Party Ideas

Hawaiian Birthday Party Ideas

Via A Purdy Little House.

Chairs could be covered with bright pillows or a piece of fabric – it will create a more vibrant holiday atmosphere. Balloons, paintings of islands, indoor plants, like palm trees are all in handy.


Aloha Birthday Party

Hawaiian Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Via Poppy and Grace.


Hawaiian Birthday Party Invitation

Print original Hawaiian birthday party invitation and send them in an old-fashioned way – by mail. It can be in the format of a ticket on an island. Invitations should attract people at once by its design.

Hawaiian Birthday Party Invitation

Bright colours, turquoise background, pictures of palm trees and flowers give specific style of the holiday. Specify the need of uniforms: light T-shirts, sarongs, swimwear, dresses, and multicoloured skirts, necklaces made of shells and flowers in a hair for girls.


Hawaiian Party Supplies

Hawaiian Birthday Party Supplies - Aloha Summer Wreath

Aloha summer wreath via Anna and Blue.

Cutlery Pail

Hawaiian Birthday Party Supplies Cutlery Pail

Via Not Quite Susie.


Party Food and Drinks

Going through the various Hawaiian birthday party ideas for the event is necessary not to forget about such an important element of any party as cocktails.

Bright, relaxing, invigorating and soft cocktails – that’s exactly what you need for you and your guests.


Hawaiian Berry Smoothie Recipe

Hawaiian Berry Smoothie Recipe

Via The First Year Blog.


Moana Hawaiian Punch

Moana Hawaiian Punch Recipe

Recipe via In The Kids Kitchen.


Moana Birthday Cake

Hawaiian Party Moana Birthday Cake

Hawaiian Party via EzeBreezy.

Forming the menu on the Hawaiian party, it is better to give preference to light meals: light vegetable salads, cold snacks (crab sticks on cucumber), cheese and sausage cutting, choose red fish or mackerel.


Under the Sea Crackers

Hawaiian Birthday Party Food - Under the Sea Crackers

Hawaiian Birthday Party Food –  via The First Year.

The mandatory attribute of any table is beautiful fruit bowls, decorated with flowers, it becomes the centre of attention and elegant interior design.


Pineapple Cupcakes for Birthday Party

Hawaiian Themed Pineapple Cupcakes for Birthday Party

Hawaiian Themed via The Mommy Mix.

How to Throw a Hawaiian Themed Birthday Party


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