Unbelievable Glue Gun Crafts

12 Insanely Cool Things You Can Do With A Hot Glue Gun Crafts

There is no doubt that you all know well what a glue gun is. I assume that most of you have it at home because it is very helpful as for household so for DIY projects.

I’m also sure that you don’t know all the possibilities of this tool. It’s really a magic wand!

Have you known that the gun not only joins and attaches the details? It helps to make full-fledged articles just with glue itself, such as trivets, candlesticks and frames.

It’s useful for decoration as well: the gun gives the possibility to draw delightful patterns on different things, for example, vases. So, I want to show you some incredible glue gun craft ideas.

12 Unbelievable Glue Gun Craft Ideas


Anthro Knockoff Bracelet

Crazy Easy Anthro Knockoff Bracelet

Crazy easy anthro knockoff bracelet via Flamingo Toes decorated with a bit of bling.


Holiday Votive Candles

How to Make DIY Colorful Holiday Votive Candles with Hot Glue

How to make diy colorful holiday votive candles with hot glue via Curbly. Decorative holiday project for the home.


Floral Lamp Shade

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Floral Lamp Shade

DIY anthropology inspired floral lamp shade via The Gold Jelly Bean. All it takes is some felt, scissors, needle & thread, yarn, and a hot glue gun.


Floral Wood DIY Welcome Sign

Floral Wood DIY Welcome Sign

Create super cute wood welcome sign using supplies which you can easily find in craft stores.


Drift Wood Orb

Drift Wood Orb Tutorial

Make a beautiful driftwood orb by using only hot glue and driftwood scraps. Just add drop of hot glue and glue a piece of driftwood to each other.


Cool a no Sew Teepee

Cool A no Sew Teepee

Inexpensive and easy project with a total cost of around 20-50$ by the Handmade Home.


Decorating a Vase with Hot Glue

Decorating a Vase with Hot Glue

Hot glue is a great way to create texture on jar, bottle or vase in few minutes and add a flowered touch to your area. This is an example when simple project make big impact.


Block Coiled Rope Basket

DIY Project Color Block Coiled Rope Basket

DIY project color block coiled rope basket via Design Sponge. Really simple to make, cose all you need to do is just coil the rope into a basket shape.


DIY Mounted Toy Animal Heads

DIY Mounted Toy Animal Heads

Make easy nursery wall art via Please Note Paper, by mounting a stuffed animal heads. Use plastic toys for this wall craft project.


Glue Gun Snowflakes with Nail Polish

Glue Gun Snowflakes with Nailpolish

You can actually make entire crafts from hot glue, try this snowflakes project with nail polish by Muslin and Merlot. Make these pretty little winter decorations and enjoy.


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