Easy Fruit Pizza Recipes

Easy Summer Fruit Pizza Recipes

With the warm days coming soon and a wide variety of fruit, it is always interesting to try new recipes and unusual dishes. Fruit pizza recipes will allow you to create masterpieces in the area of desserts and all your guests or close people will be very happy with this delicious pizza.

Also, these recipes will be very useful, if you haven’t got much time, but it is necessary to make something tasty. Using some ready dough for biscuits, cream cheese base and many fruits, which you and your guests like will let you cook an amazing summer pizza with the sweetest taste.

15+ Healthy and Easy Fruit Pizza Recipes

Just pick the fruit you or your kids like and use our prompts for the best summer meals!


Healthy fruits pizza recipes


Classic Colorful Fruit Pizza

Classic Colorful Fruit Pizza on a Soft Sugar Cookie Crust and Creamy Topped

On a soft sugar cookie crust and creamy topped via Sally’s Baking Addiction, not just fun to eat, but also really fun to make!


Brownie Berry Dessert

Brownie Berry Dessert Pizza

I know you’ll love these via Dinner at the Zoo, yummy brownie base with a whipped topping sauce, then topped with fresh raspberry, blueberry and kiwi.


Fruit Pizza Recipe

Fruit Pizza Recipe Summer Dessert Topped With Fresh Fruit

A simple and quick recipe for a vegan picnic, pizza topped with fresh strawberry, kiwi, mandarin and raspberry by I Heart Naptime.


Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizza

Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizza Recipe

Recipe by B Sugar Mama – sugar cookie base covered with cream and layered after with high amount of mixed fruits.


Fruit Pizza with a Cream Cheese

Fruit Pizza Soft Sugar Cookie Crust with a Cream Cheese Frosting and Topped with Sliced Fruit

Soft sugar cookie crust with a cream cheese frosting and topped with sliced fruit via Pinch of Yum.


Watermelon Pizza

Watermelon Fruit Pizza Dessert

Fruit dessert via Today’s Creative Life. Take one round slice watermelon, cut into slices and top with cream and fruits. It’s a perfectly refreshing snack for picnics.


Summer Sweet Watermelon Pizza

Summer Sweet Watermelon Pizza

Delicious watermelon pizza via The Produce Moms – refreshingly fruit snack and healthy dessert in same time.


Breakfast Fruit and Yogurt Pizza

Breakfast Fruit and Yogurt Pizza Recipe

Very easy recipe via Oh Sweet Basil, prepared with granola base and toped with many different fruits like: grapes, strawberries, raspberries, mulberries, pears or mangoes. And of course you can add or change any fruits you like.


Rainbow Fruit Pizza

Rainbow Fruit Pizza Recipe

How could you not love pizza for dessert? Try this colorful fruit pizza via Sugar Spice and Family Life.


Gluten Free Pizza

Gluten Free Vegan Fruit Pizza

Vegan fruit pizza via A Spicy Perspective. I think it’s best gluten-free pizza dough – adapted version of classic pizza dough: gluten free flour, baking powder, salt, xanthan gum and some yeast.


No Bake Pizza

Fairly Healthy No Bake Fruit Pizza Recipe

Fairly healthy recipe via Nutrition to Fit. Yummly pizza kids will love in same time with parents.


Rainbow Pizza

Rainbow Fruit Pizza Recipe with a Sugar Cookie Crust and Cream Cheese Frosting Square

With a sugar cookie crust and cream cheese frosting square via Joy Food Sunshine.


American Flag Pizza

Easy Delicious American Flag Fruit Pizza

Easy delicious with fruits via It’s Always Autumn, is the perfect patriotic dessert for the 4th of July!


Juice Glazed Fruit Pizza

Favorite Juice Glazed Fruit Pizza

One of favorite pizza via Homemade Hooplah, you can use any fruit juice you like to put on top. Just combine juices, sugar and cornstarch and cook it on medium heat.


Pizza Cookie Crust

Easy Fruit Pizza Sugar Cookie Crust, Cream Cheese and Fresh Fruit

Pizza with cream cheese and fresh fruits via Fav Family Recipes. Just tip for you, to make quick crust, use one package of ready made sugar cookie dough.


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