Finding Dory Birthday Party Ideas

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Dory birthday party is an ideal variant how to organize a funny and interesting event for your child. This theme perfectly suit both for boys and for girls aged from 3 to 7 years.

To save your nerves and efforts it is recommended to start planning the party in advance (some weeks or even a month). Organizing finding Dory birthday party, first of all think about the place of the event.

Finding Dory Birthday Party Ideas


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Finding Dory Birthday Party Free Printables

Finding Dory birthday party free printables via Simple Every Day Mom.

If you want to do everything with your own hands without the help of organizers, your house or flat is the perfect place, because here you are allowed to put any idea into reality.

Finding Dory Party Activities Decorations and More

If there is an opportunity, a remote area at the bank of the river or sea will complement the marine theme of the event.

Finding Dory Glitter Slime

The next step is making invitations for Dory themed birthday party. The simplest variant is to print the invitations with the images of fish from the cartoon.

Finding Dory Birthday Party Snacks

But don’t forget that first impression starts from this little card, called invitation, so it should be creative and original. For example, you can roll up this card into a tube, tie it with a greed ribbon, which will look like a seaweed and put it in a clean and dry empty bottle.

Add approximately 4 tablespoons of sand and small shells for a maritime effect. Sending an invitation you can add little fridge magnet, so the person will look at it later and recollect your evening.

Finding Dory Fruit Punch

One of the most important stages is decorating the room. Use mostly blue and green colors. Of course, there should be many toy balloons (both ordinary and in the shapes of fish, sea horses, starfishes), cardboard fish hanging on the strings and creating an atmosphere of submarine world.

There may not be too many decorations, because children like everything bright and shining. Use toy anchor, ships, and seashells. Cut long green stripes of cloth or paper and fix them to the ceiling. They will resemble seaweeds.

Finding Dory Easy Dessert Cups

A tablecloth should be also blue. Costumes should be paid a special attention to. Children may be dressed like jellyfish, octopus, crabs, sea turtles and horses, dolphins, sharks.

Menu should also fit the theme. Make a cake in the form of a fish, sausages resembling octopuses and your little guest will eat them with pleasure.

Finding Dory Party Supplies Ideas

Don’t forget about invitations, for sure it will looks great. So, there are many finding Dory birthday party ideas concerning the games and competitions.

Disney Family Dory Mason Jars

For example, a game called “Finding Dory”. Hide toy or cardboard fish all around the house and the one who will find more fish and get the prize.

Another possible game is “Aquarium”. Put aquarium with water at some distance from the players. A player who will throw more things (little figures of fish) there will win. You may print a black-and-white cartoon characters, give the children pencils or pens, so they could paint the pictures. Just be original and make the party funny.

Finding Dory Magic Sand Craft

Finding Dory Cake Supply

Finding Dory Birthday Party Popcorn


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