DIY Outdoor Lantern Ideas

Best DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas and Designs

What is a purpose to make DIY outdoor lanterns when there is a huge choice of different lamps and lampshades for the most hard-to-please customers? However, just the handmade thing has a particular character and uniqueness and reflect the personality of its owner.

Outdoor lightning is urgent in any season and if you want not only to illuminate but also to decorate your garden or backyard check my tutorials below. Most of my instructions are simple and based on everyday things: old cans, mason jars, wine bottles, flowerpots and so forth. All of them will become great lanterns in skillful hands.

Best DIY Outdoor Lantern Ideas

Best DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas and Designs


Cube Lanterns

DIY Outdoor Cube Lanterns

Outdoor candle lanterns are a great way to illuminate your walkway or even patio, brighten up your outdoor living with this colorful idea by Homedit. By the way it´s can be perfect decoration for many events.


Floral DIY Lantern

Outdoor Floral DIY Lantern

This lovely arrangement – perfect outdoor decoration for parties or weddings. Just make this beautiful piece of spring decor by Consumer Crafts.


Lantern DIY Under Outdoor Umbrella

Lantern DIY Let There Be Light

It’s like magic via Splash of Something. A modern and classy decor idea in same time, adding some light and warm feelings to any space.


Star Lantern

Make Star Lantern

This nice idea via A Piece of Rainbow in couple words: print and cut the paper star template, then make some tips and glue parts together. Don´t forget leave opening in the lantern to add LEDs after. By the way this lantern cool decoration even with no light inside. It´s piece of timeless design to enhance any occasion.


Outdoor Candle Lantern

Trash and Thrift Store Treasure Outdoor Candle Lantern

Here is another ideas and inspiration in same time. These trash and thrift store treasure via In My Own Style, can add life and festiveness to your outdoors in the night. Install it near your deck or patio and your area will safely lit every evening.


Outdoor Lantern DIY

Outdoor Lantern DIY

These lanterns by The Flair Exchange are made with parachute cord. Lovely colors and the way they turned out, so all what you need is to follow simple knotting technique.


Pottery Barn Inspired Hyannis Lanterns

Pottery Barn Inspired Hyannis Lanterns

Cheap and super easy lantern craft using materials from the hardware store by A Lo and behold Life. Basically dressed up some jars to make these stylish DIY.


DIY Moroccan Mason Jar

DIY Moroccan Mason Jar Lanterns

This lanterns via Grosgrainfab, so beautiful and innovative that will easily inspire your creativity! And then you can find your own even may be better way, because something you done by yourself always closer to your heart.


How to Make Ice Lanterns

How to Make Ice Lanterns

What a wonderful way to line a walkway. Learn how to make these simple ice lanterns by Craftiments. All what you need to make this project is plastic containers and cups, something to weigh the them and water. By the way very nice addition with food coloring!


Spice Jar DIY Solar Lanterns

Spice Jar DIY Solar Lanterns

This is a great idea by Every Day Dishes for making your own, with a few simple materials. Light up summer nights with colorful lanterns. No special skills are needed for this homemade craft.


Best DIY Outdoor Lantern Ideas


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