Best DIYs with Pennies

12 Amazing DIY Projects with Pennies

When you have got too many pennies and you have no idea what to do with them or where to store them, there are really amazing places for those pennies to use.

Diy projects with pennies look really gorgeous and professionals dealing with feng shui will certainly tell you such thing attract money and prosperity into your life just standing or hanging in your place of living.

The pennies can be stuck to a vase, a photo frame or you can make a really nice picture by using them and hang it on the wall. The floor, the wall, the table, the basket, the necklace and many other things can be transformed amazingly into interesting and expensively looking objects just be adding old pennies to them.


Copper Penny Flooring

How to Make Copper Penny Flooring in 9 Easy Steps

How to make copper penny flooring in 9 easy steps via Homedit make sure you have plenty of change.


Penny Starburst Mirror

Penny Starburst Mirror

Mirror via Real Happy Space it’s a really cool looking, made with just a few materials.


Penny Art Frame

Penny Art Frame Idea

Penny art frame idea via As Well Place to Dwell. All you need is a strong glue, some pennies and a photo frame.


Souvenir Bracelet

DIY Project Souvenir Penny Bracelet

DIY project souvenir penny bracelet via Blog Rings Things made with one of those touristy penny smashing machines.


Penny Buttons

Awesome Penny Buttons

Awesome penny buttons via Recyclart, is a really interesting way to customize your homemade garments.


Penny Letters

Cool DIY Penny Letters

Cool DIY penny letters via The Crafted Sparrow.


Penny Top Coffee Table

How to Make a Penny Top Coffee Table

What’s the use of a penny nowadays? There’s not much you can buy for a penny, but you can make something unique like this top coffee table via Remove and Replace.


Penny Roof Birdhouse

DIY Birdhouse Pretty Penny Roof

DIY birdhouse pretty penny roof via Dream a Little Bigger, it’s not difficult but it takes time so read the instructions carefully.


DIY Photo Frame

DIY Penny Photo Frames

DIY penny photo frame via Oh so Lovely Blog.


Penny Ball

A Penny Ball for Your Thoughts

A penny ball for your thoughts via Kind Red Style. Fun and unique yard art for your garden.


Tiled Mirror

Penny Tiled Mirror Recent Features

Penny tiled mirror recent features via Honey Sweet Home.


DIY Penny Ring

DIY Penny Ring Idea

Looking for an incredibly unique gift? DIY penny ring idea via Trinkets in Bloom.


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