DIY Backyard Games for Summer

Ridiculously Fun, Cheap And Easy DIY Backyard Games

DIY backyard games are worth implementing on your area because they are perfect almost for everybody, adults and children. Child birthday parties, barbecues with friends or just family reunions are much more interesting and cheerful with active games. They also can entertain your kids daily.

24+ DIY Backyard Games for Summer

The variety of activities is large. Some of them are easy to make, others require more efforts, but all can hold your attention for a long time. The games that I offer are popular but changed a bit: tic-tac-toe with stones, bowling with old bottles, balloons darts, toss games etc. So, don’t be lazy and try to arrange a cool fun zone.



Toss Games

Football Toss

How to Make Your Own Football Toss Game

How to make your own football toss game via Cherished Bliss.


Flamingo Ring Toss

DIY Flamingo Ring Toss Yard Game

DIY flamingo ring toss yard game via Sugar and Cloth.


Bottle Ring Toss

DIY Bottle Ring Toss Game

DIY bottle ring toss game via Everyday Dishes.


DIY Ladder Golf Game

DIY Ladder Golf Game

DIY ladder golf game via Twin Dragonfly Designs – one of our all-time favorite summer games.


Gnome Lawn Bowling Game

How to Gnome Lawn Bowling Game

How to gnome lawn bowling game via Makezine – Check here how it’s easy made.


Squirt Gun Water Races

Squirt Gun Water Races

Squirt gun water races via Design Dazzle.


DIY Backyard Scrabble

DIY Backyard Scrabble Idea

DIY backyard scrabble idea via Home with Heartland. You will need some workshop tools to make these wood Scrabble tiles.


Giant Jenga Game

How to Make a Colorful Outdoor Giant Jenga Game

How to make a colorful outdoor giant jenga game via Pet Scribbles. Something other than the usual outdoor games!


Dominoes Lawn Game

Easy DIY Lawn Game of Dominoes

Easy DIY lawn game of dominoes via Iron and Twine. I hope you’ll enjoy the craft tutorial.


Angry Birds Game

Life Sized Angry Birds Game

Life sized angry birds game via Instructables.


Backyard Ker Plunk

DIY Backyard Ker Plunk Game

DIY backyard ker plunk game via All Parenting.


Creative Lawn Twister

Awn Twister Creative Family Reunion Ideas

Lawn twister creative family reunion ideas via One Good Thing by Jillee.


DIY Tetherball Set

Backyard Fun Make Your Own DIY Tetherball Set

Backyard fun make your own DIY tetherball set via Old Salt Farm.


Lawn Matching Game

DIY Giant Lawn Matching Game

DIY giant lawn matching game via Studio DIY.


Wooden Yard Dice

Summer Fun with DIY Wooden Yard Dice

Summer fun with DIY wooden yard dice via Blue i Style Blog.


Outdoor Bowling Game

Coke Bottle DIY Outdoor Bowling Game

Coke bottle DIY outdoor bowling game via Polka Dot Chair.


Tic Tac Toe Game

Classic Game

DIY Tic Tac Toe Game For Summer

DIY tic tac toe game for summer via Tatertots and Jello.


Ladybug vs Bumble Bee

Ladybug vs Bumble Bee Summer Time Tic Tac Toe

Ladybug vs bumble bee summer time tic tac toe via Chicken Scratch NY.


Patriotic Ladder Golf Game

DIY Patriotic Ladder Golf Game

DIY patriotic ladder golf game via Mom Endeavors.


Backyard Plinko Party Game

DIY Backyard Plinko Party Game

DIY backyard plinko party game via Happiness is Homemade.


Oversized Checkerboard

DIY Oversized Checkerboard Game

DIY oversized checkerboard game via A Home to Grow Old in.


Kid Activities Board

Kid Activities Backyard Game Board

Kid activities backyard game board via The 36th Avenue.


American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior Backyard Obstacle Course

American ninja warrior backyard obstacle course via Frugal Fun 4 Boys.


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