Large Blinds for Windows

It is better to choose large window blinds, which will emphasize the merits and hide the demerits of large windows.

Large Blinds for Windows

There are three types of blinds for large windows: vertical, horizontal and roller shades.

Window Blinds Large Windows

Vertical shutters are considered to be one of the best variants due to their lightness and practicality. They perfectly control the level of light in the room and protect you from the prying eyes.

Blackout Blinds for Large Windows

This option is ideal for not too high, but wide openings.


Contemporary & Modern Blinds

Modern Blinds for Large Windows

Contemporary Blinds for Large Windows

In this case, the slats are situated vertically. Typically, slats of vertical shutters are made of fabric or plastic, wood and aluminum are used rarely.


Horizontal & Vertical Blinds

Horizontal Blinds for Large Windows

Vertical Blinds for Large Windows

Slats come in two sizes: “European” (with the width of 127 mm) and “American” (with the width of 89 mm). Wide slats are better used for big windows and narrow slats – for small ones. The construction itself is very simple.


Blinds for Large Living Room

Blinds for Large Living Room Windows

It consists of: a ledge (it is made of aluminum), sliders, slats, counterweights in slats, a chain and a rope to control the blinds. Slats are fixed one after another on the ledge, and if necessary, each of them can be replaced individually.


Blinds for Bay Windows

Blinds for Large Bay Windows

Horizontal blinds for large windows look very elegant, but in certain cases, because of the very large sizes, their lowering and raising will be impossible, so only slats will be regulated.


Roman & Roller Blinds

Roman Blinds for Large Windows

They make the window visually wider. They can be made of different materials: plastic, aluminum, wood. They are presented in many colors and are very easy in cleaning. The width of their slats is 16-25 mm. Unlike the vertical shutters, horizontal ones are folded only bottom-up.

Roller Blinds for Large Windows

Roller shades. Fabrics for roller shades have an unusual special anti-dust impregnation, which gives them density, so they do not lose their shape.

If necessary, you can easily wipe the blinds with a damp sponge.

Designers offer many large window blinds ideas, so you can choose the one you like most of all. But rely only on your taste and the general design of the room.

For example, you can choose composite shutters or the ones with interesting and original pattern.

Large Blinds for Windows

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