Fun First Birthday Party Ideas

First Birthday Party

The first birthday party is important event for both baby and parents just because it will never happen again. The event is worth to be arranged just for the fun of it. If you would like to have some special unforgettable celebration there are a lot of ready ideas for your choice. Moreover, the authors of such idea took in consideration the special tips to avoid the risk of baby stress.

Pajama Party 1st Birthday

Pajama Party 1st Birthday by Simply Modern Weddings

Via 100 Layer Cake Let.


Hungry Caterpillar Party

Unique First Birthday Hungry Caterpillar Party Theme

Via Best Friends for Frosting.

The first recommended thing is to limit the time. One hour or half more is ideal duration for such celebration because babies run out of their interest the same as interest too quickly. They just can be attentive longer. Unique first birthday party themes are very various. But the one thing is universal. All babies like balloons but you should remember that they can be afraid of a loud sound of cracking. So, keep it in mind.


Planning First Birthday Party

Activity Ideas for First Birthday Parties

Activity Ideas for First Birthday Parties via Hint Mama.


First Birthday Party Entertainment

To avoid your personal stress it is good idea to invite one-two assistants (or relatives, or friends, or baby-sitter) who can help you with babies and guests. The first birthday party entertainment usually is very simple. That might be planes, or trains, or automobiles party. All such transport you can make from cardboard boxes and then to ask children to color it with their mums. That is funny. When you are creating play zone for kids think about their parents too, who will needs some chairs near.


Under the Sea First Birthday Party

Planning Under the Sea First Birthday Party

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First Birthday Rainbow Party

Simple First Birthday Rainbow Party Ideas

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Food Menu and Entertainment

Parkers Backyard 1st Birthday Food Menu and Entertainment

Parkers Backyard 1st Birthday via 100 Layer Cake Let

Simple First Birthday Party Ideas

Your party city first birthday can have one of the themes: dinosaurs, ladybirds, elephants, butterflies, bumble bees, bears, cows, big top circus, candy, cars, alphabet, Disney princess, farm, frogs, fishers, jungle, safari, monstrous parties etc. The list is not full. You can easily continue it. Just free your imagination and remember your own childhood. To make the day special you need, first of all, high spirit and wish to feel fun with your baby.


First Birthday Party Hats Ideas

First Birthday Party DIY Hats Ideas

Via Chic Mother and Baby.


Vintage County Fair First Birthday

Vintage County Fair First Birthday Party



Tips for Fun First Birthday Party Ideas

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