Exciting Ballerina Birthday Party Ideas

Best Ballerina Birthday Party Ideas

A ballerina birthday party is romantic idea for the main girls day celebrating. It is especially popular among those little girls who are keen on dancing. An invitation can be designed like a real ballet ticket.

Ballerina Themed Birthday Party

Ballerina Themed Birthday Party via The Chirping Moms

The most suitable costume is a tiara, leotard or singlet, tights, ballet flats, and tutu which can be made by hand from tulle. Just collect several layers of tulle, shape a tutu and sew them together.

Birthday Decorations

Planning ballerina birthday party decorations keep in mind tender colors like white, light yellow, pink, peachy color, silver, lavender etc. You can use the colors for piñatas, bunch of ribbons, helium balloons, and tree branches with plastic flowers. Ballerina Birthday Party Decorations

Ballerina Birthday Party Decorations via Kara

For such kind of celebration is needed a bit more free space than usually because there are supposed to be lots of dancing activities. So, if it is possible, try to transform the room for the occasion in a dance studio with mirror’s walls.

Ballerina Decorations Birthday Party

Ballerina Decorations Birthday Party via Twinkle Twinkle Little Party

Party Supplies

Ballerina Birthday Party Supplies

Ballerina Birthday Party Supplies via From the Heart

Another ballerina birthday party supplies can include a stylish plates and cups, napkins with floral patterns, table cover with lace. The little dancer figures in different positions can be key sign for such kind of celebration.

Ballerina Themed Birthday Parties Supplies

Ballerina Themed Birthday Parties Supplies via Kara’s Party

All chosen favors should be princess-like to support the whole festive and theatre atmosphere.

Except of mirrors, there will be great to locate the thematic personalized posters with the birthday girl’s name as the lead ballerina on the walls. Proper accessories might support them.

Ballerina Cake Topper Birthday Party Supplies

Ballerina Cake Topper Birthday Party Supplies via Oh Happy Day

A ballerina themed birthday party is supposed to have some special games and entertainment for the guests. The main activities of the party should be dancing.

You can arrange a short lesson of dance with fun continue of free style dancing. Or you can suggest the “freeze” game.

The rule is simple: when music is play ballerinas dance, but when it stops the kids should immediately to freeze. The kids who did not stop have to sit out. The game ends when the one person remains and as the winner gets her prize.

There might be crafting activity like decorating tiara or jiffy shoes using stick-on diamantes, feathers, sequins, and beads.

Ballerina Themed Food

Ballerina First Birthday Party

Ballerina First Birthday Party Cake via Karas Party Ideas

Ballerina Themed Marshmallows for Birthday Party

Ballerina Themed Marshmallows for Birthday Party via The Whoot

Exciting Ballerina Birthday Party Ideas

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