DIY Kids Race Car Track Projects

Best DIY Kids Race Car Track Projects

Car Track Table

If you want to change the design of your kid’s room, look at this great car truck project. Your children deserve the best room and the best furniture. Of course, they will prefer entertaining and funny furniture in their room.

Be sure that you can find gorgeous new way to turn ordinary furniture into the work of art!  Usually the tables are used only for practical purposes, but there are many creative and original examples which will change your home or flat. The table can be a key to modern and sophisticated design of any house.

Garage and Track for Small Cars

Garage and Track for Small Cars via Titunwans

May be you think that’s impossible to create something special using a wooden or plastic board with four legs but you are wrong. There are a lot of original tables that you can use and not just admire.  So if you are looking for gorgeous interior design of the kid’s room, you will need an original element.

Place this gorgeous furniture in the center; add some stylish elements and it will be the focal point of the room. Your children will love it. They can play or do their homework using it. There are many possibilities how to build a slot car truck table.

You can find step-by-step instructions and pictures in special web sites. Take a look at them!

But first of all you should choose the material of the desk. It can be wooden, metallic, plastic, etc. If you are planning to place it in your kid’s room, don’t make it of glass because it would be dangerous for the children.

Involve your children in this great family project; they will help you with pleasure creating the table of their dreams. They can choose the colors for it too.

Car Table for Kids

If you want that your child will be happy, so give him this kids car table! It will be pleasure for you to get him this perfect present.

The best experts on what children want to have in the room are kids themselves, so permit them to be involved in the design process choosing together the furniture and accessories for their living space.

You will have a fun from this process. But take into consideration that you should create a kid’s space for many functions and at least for several years.

The little member of your family will find it great for his activities. Also with this gorgeous furniture you will create a great space for your kids and their guests.

Cool Car Table for Kids

A modern and original car table for kids is always a cool element of the design. It can be made of plastic, wood, metal.

But it’s not a good idea to use the glass for it because this material could be dangerous for your child. Use the most modern furniture and permit your kid to get his favorite color because it plays a very important part.

Usually such tables are strong, non-toxic, safe for kids, easy to clean and durable. And they’re eco-friendly of course.

Your son or daughter can play or do the homework using the table. It’s not very heavy and you can replace it to another area of your home.

So this element can work as activity or play table. Due to its original design this furniture will be the focal point of the kid’s room.

Be sure your guests will be impressed. Also you can put this functional furniture on your back patio. Your kid will have a great summer gatherings with his friends and having a little snack between the games.

DIY Pool Noodle Race Track

DIY Pool Noodle Race Track via Ramblings from Utopia

Build Backyard Race Car Track

Build Backyard Race Car Track via The Whoot

So next Saturday you will have a great project making this!

Washi Tape Car Track

Washi Tape Car Track via Le Jardin de Juliette

DIY Outdoor Car Track

DIY Outdoor Car Track via Niccola on Tuesday

DIY Car Track

DIY Car Track via Playtivities

Magnetic Race Car Growth Chart

Magnetic Race Car Growth Chart via Just a Girl and Her Blog

DIY Toy Car Race Track

DIY Toy Car Race Track via the Pinning Mama

Outdoor Car Track DIY

Outdoor Car Track DIY via Paloma Paper Designs

DIY Kids Race Car Track Projects

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